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The story of the tiny, tiny house on the square.

Isabelle’s journey with the tiny house began in 2011 when she took over the little dollhouse. She saw its potential and envisioned transforming it into an information centre where people could find the perfect boat tour to the world’s famous Trollfjord. Drawing on her 12 years of experience with the various tours to Trollfjord, she aimed to provide customised experiences tailored to each visitor’s needs.

As the years passed, Isabelle worked tirelessly to develop the tiny house into what it is today. She curated a wealth of information about the different boat tours available, ensuring that visitors could find the ideal option to explore Trollfjord. Whether someone sought a thrilling adventure, a serene wildlife encounter, or a photography-focused trip, Isabelle’s information centre became the go-to place to make the right choice. 

Through her dedication and passion, Isabelle cultivated a reputation for offering personalised assistance. She took the time to understand each visitor’s preferences, guiding them towards the boat tour that would provide the most memorable and fulfilling experience. Her extensive knowledge of Trollfjord and its surrounding beauty allowed her to share captivating stories and insights, further enriching the visitors’ journey. Now she is finally doing it together with her own team. 

The tiny house on Svolvaer square became a beacon for those seeking to explore the wonders of Trollfjord.  Isabelle’s vision had come to life, and her dedication to creating exceptional experiences in Trollfjord was recognized and appreciated by visitors from around the world.

Today, the tiny house stands as a testament to Isabelle’s passion and commitment. It continues to be a vital part of the Trollfjorden experience, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for travellers embarking on their unforgettable boat tours. 

The story of the tiny, tiny house on the square is one of transformation, personal touch, and the belief that even the smallest space can have a significant impact on the memories created by those who venture to Trollfjord.

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We offer Trollfjord, Fishing, Kayak and Whale Watching tours.


Deep insights and captivating stories about Trollfjord and its surroundings.

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Roam with a Trollfjord expert with over a decade of experience.


Trollfjord Cruise is here to guide you every step of the way. Let us be your gateway to unforgettable experiences, cherished memories, and a lifetime of adventures. Travel with us, and remember us for the journey of a lifetime!

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